1048100_10151693395080399_1945891763_oI started this site with a very simple notion; I started writing about the biggest things in the world; the biggest ocean, the biggest bird, biggest country, etc. This project allowed me to get my feet wet and helped me learn how to write succinctly, while adding my own brand of humour to make my articles a bit more personal. The logical next step for “What is the Biggest” is “What is the Smallest”. What is the Biggest.com was up and running; so I decided to begin work on the What is the Smallest.com, followed shortly afterwards with “What is the Difference Between” and “How Long Does it take”. Maintaining 4 different websites; all to do with interesting facts started to make less sense than having everything in one place; with categories for people to choose from; and Were You Wondering was born. Were You Wondering allowed me to expand my reach into writing articles about topics that tickled my fancy as a human being living on planet Earth. “How Much Lego Do We Vacuum Up Every Year” was once such article as was “24 Potentially Harmful Food Additives”. So; welcome to Were You Wondering and I hope you have as much fun reading the articles I have written as I did writing them. For feedback, drop me an email at katrina.cain@gmail.com


Katrina Cain